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Town GOP brings Pedophile Celebration to Fairfield, Connecticut

Under the guise of "Pride" month, a new level of depravity is offered (on taxpayer land and expense to boot) in Fairfield, CT.

While many are struggling to pay their mortgages, find baby formula and fill their cars up with gas ($5.00 per gallon and rising fast) the very progressive GOP led Town of Fairfield, CT has decided to pull out all stops on promoting homosexuality to town children.

The above flyer announces a RENDEZVOUS, with rainbow hearts and “FREE FUN FOR ALL AGES”. It’s not a stretch to view this event as promoting pedophilia and grooming on town property. Will there also be a “drag queen” story time, too? Perhaps they will have cheers for children who have recently undergone genital mutilation and placed on hormone blockers to “correct” their gender. No, love is not love, especially when it comes to adults grooming kids. Under no circumstances should town property EVER be used to promote trans and pedophile ideology.

Many will ask, “Blue Anon isn’t this just harmless fun?” The answer is no, pedophilia and the child “trans” movement are evil incarnate and are ruining thousands of lives across America. And make no mistake, a “pride festival” is often nothing more than a thinly veiled pedophile and grooming operation.

Shouldn’t the citizens of the Town have been given a chance to consider town property being used to promote trans and pedophile grooming? Why are our taxes paying for this?

Maybe next year we’ll get a full blown pride parade replete with naked men jiggling through our historic town square. Pride events are all about kink, you know. To let everyone know how the pride movement inevitably ends up, see examples of other “pride” events across the nation and the globe that were held this year. If you don’t think they have this planned for Fairfield, just wait and see.

A poor innocent child is forced to march amidst the degeneracy carrying a “trans flag” which essentially means that adults have forced her into involuntary genital mutilation and so-called “gender reassignment” and hormone therapy. This is nothing short of child abuse.

Pedophiles strutting in the shadows of the graves of the settlers and patriots that conquered this land and defending our freedom for generations is a new low even for the unabashedly progressive Fairfield GOP. The Citizens of the Town of Fairfield should have been consulted about this event before it was so surreptitiously planned and announced just three days before the event. This was an event that was clearly planned for months, using town resources.

This is just the beginning folks, wait until the chicks with dicks are prancing past the town square, naked in front of your kids.

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