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100% where the two of them belong. If Tom Girardi never touched these lawsuits, every single one of Girardi & Keese clients would be legitimately paid off what they deserved. Don't touch kids, sick people or victims. Just don't.

Liars, con artists & thieves...I know it when I see it now. I may have been shielded at a young age from seeing serious shit, but I know now & I know this is real. It is compulsive criminal behavior. I would not be surprised if they get off in California. However many people believe they absolutely belong in jail for laundering money back & forth from her company. Look at how many people came forward! He kept settlements in escrow, moved the money into "investments" toward this disgusting woman...WHO DOES THAT? A LIAR.

I wouldn't be surprised if she stole the sunglasses she wore out of Target!

Then the Pasadena house allegedly got robbed, & all of her assets in her closet were allegedly seized. Well didn't they have a homeowner's insurance policy to cover? - I don't believe it for a second. How do we not know Erika didn't round up some "burglars" in Compton to hide everything in storage for later? She was super defensive about hanging on to the diamonds Tom bought her. I would have handed them over IMMEDIATELY when he ran off like a snake pretending to be sick in a nursing home to avoid trouble.

I've often wondered why Andy keeps women like her on Bravo & Peacock. Trash is trash. It's supposed to be a certain type of woman. This brings the real girls like Luann & Camille down. Now it's obvious what they are looking for. Some chick running around with a credit card with a nice house. They literally approach people in plastic surgeon offices...this is probably where they found her. They came to Sarasota & nobody wanted to do it!


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