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Contract with the Republican Voter

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

We as Republican voters are very disappointed & beyond disgusted with how we are represented at the state & federal levels.

As a result, it becomes necessary for us to remind those we placed into office that they are not in their positions to pursue their own personal ambitions & agendas. They are in office to fulfill our needs & desires.

YOU are NOT above us, we are not your servants. We are your employers. Therefore, if you fail to represent correctly, you will be censored & replaced.

We deem it necessary for all Republican officials to become accountable to their constituents.

Therefore we demand they agree to a contract with us, their constituents, as a condition of their employment.

Our demands are as follows for every Republican official who holds office in the US House of Representatives, US Senate, State Houses & State Senates.

When we win the majority in the Congress & Senate we will replace Mitch McConnell & Kevin McCarthy. Their replacements must commit & swear an oath to an America First platform.

The impeachment process of Alejandro Mayorkas, Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, Joe Biden & Kamala Harris should begin immediately. A prosecution of Hunter Biden & his associates for should begin for all the crimes evident on his laptop.

A new January 6 investigation committee should begin immediately, focused on investigating the following:

  • Violations of human & civil rights for those presently incarcerated & sentenced

  • Violations of civil rights of Steve Bannon, & Peter Navarro by the present J6 Committee

  • Investigation into the deaths of Ashli Babbitt & Roseanne Boyland

  • Investigation into the actions of the FBI, Nany Pelosi, DC Mayor & Justice Department.

  • Ray Epps to testify under oath

  • Identify of the scaffold man to be released & he must testify under oath

  • Re-route half of the budget to specifically investigate BLM & Antifa, requiring a forced sale of every property purchased by the founders as well as a full refund to all donators who were conned & lied to about where the money was going.

  • Quite frankly NO riots should be allowed.

We need to come to an end of welfare, now that the pro-life movement has catapulted into a more serious position, these people need to quit walking around with their pants down. Why should we pay for all of these idiots who want to murder children, or even worse raise them without a family environment?

We demand the removal of Anthnoy Fauci, as Director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases & a thorough criminal investigation of his handling of the COVID crisis, vaccines & his financial ties with the drug companies as well as the Wuhan lab. We demand COVID compensation from Communist China. & no one should be forced to take any vaccines EVER.

Impose Voter ID laws NOW. Remove ALL ballot machines from every state. Return to paper ballots with signature & address verification required. No early voting, & vote by mail to be restricted to only the extremely disabled. Make Election Day a FEDERAL HOLIDAY. It is mathematically impossible that we did not win the Presidency as well as the two US Senate Seats in Georgia.

Break up Big Tech monopolies, in particular: Facebook, Google, Twitter & Amazon. Remove their protections under Section 230.

Secure our Southern Border & return all illegal immigrants to their countries. Complete the Southern WALL. Provide compensation to residents of border towns who suffer economic hardships over the last two years due to the invasion of uninvited, illegal criminals. Increase border control agents & provide funding as well as all needed equipment to do their jobs at their best.

Guarantee Parental Rights, especially in schools! Provide funds for every school to be protected by armed security. Hold tech companies criminally & civilly liable for failing to report any threats found in their social media. Every school shooting incident must require a congressional investigation to determine what went wrong. School shooters shall be subject to death penalty.

Every member of Congress and Senate must commit to read every bill proposed & must be present to vote in person.

Every Congressman must conduct two in person town hall meetings with their constituents every fiscal quarter to review what they have done last quarter to explain/defend how they voted.

Impose term & age limits for Congress as well as Senate. Impose term limits on Federal career employees to eight years. In fact these seats should require that candidates pass a test filled with questions on the topics of finance, economics, history.

No US troops shall be placed under UN command. We need to immediately return war making powers to Congress. We will vote to only provide funds for the support of our military defense and to defend our nation’s borders.

Enact a balance budget amendment. Eliminate the Federal deficit. Dissolve all government agencies that have no Constitutional basis – such as, the Department of Education.

Refuse to support any gun control/red flag bills proposed by the Democrats.

Push to open the Keystone pipeline & make America energy independent.

Finally it wouldn't be a bad idea for us to ask PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES to take a cognitive test. No one running a COUNTRY should be directed "to walk into a room & take your seat."

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