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A Little Law & Order & A Lot of Love for LA...

Then maybe not.

At least not right now!

HOW is it possible nobody has shot this guy already? Oh right, I am in Florida - one state he was already kicked out of...imagine that.

And why does he not get kicked out of these nice areas in California? The cops in FL wouldn't even NEED to bother because the good old boys down here will tell you to LEAVE THE STATE. Judges in Missouri, Oklahoma, really any other normal state immediately advise criminals to move. Maybe we should put him on a train to wait he will really fit in & love Chicago where they just banned the police from chasing criminals.

We are ALL actually still mad about this. The most chaotic situation any of us endured in beautiful Malibu, where every beach is a different scene, & every person you meet is a character. There are a lot of different aspects of life in a small town that aren't normal. Still as a family environment, my friends loved raising kids out there. I would open my French doors to hear the adorable sounds on the playground from Webster Elementary. Before it was illegal to sing because of Covid, we had Karaoke Wednesdays where our clique of wild locals would mix with Pepperdine students to watch real entertainers sing!

All of that is gone.

It's exhausting just thinking about the fire, & how many people STILL have not been allowed to complete their homes because of permitting. Criminals are literally breaking into homes as far out as Broad Beach - where once upon a time, if you were even so lucky to actually get to live there, you had it made. This is so remote, that Uber rarely comes out there...well they'd run out of gas trying to find it!

Now the new trend is homeless assaults on the beach, nonstop theft & encampment fires. In 2021 there were literally 4 encampment fires in 12 days - police & fire will not write these up, because our insurance is already beyond insane - they know it will hurt us even more.

This was one of those ongoing scenarios - Pepperdine student is assaulted in her apartment. Lost Hills Sheriff was doing NOTHING nine days after this happened. When I contacted the public safety manager (lowercase & name not mentioned because she's not worth discussing) to ask her why they were not looking for this psycho. The Captain had not even told her!

The President of the HOA where the assault happened is Malibu Jane, (now Montecito Jane), who turned over the videos to as many people as possible once she received them. She took it first to Cece, the Local who is now in Manhattan Beach. Then the two of us - armed with tequila and iPhones at OLLO reached out to everyone we knew. My first call was Neda, who just moved to Whidbey Island, Malibu Jam.

The two of them went from 0 to 60 on Facebook, I took one of the cops into the encampments where we walked through disgusting cheap beer cans, heroin needles, condoms, and of course all of the gifts bestowed upon these losers by the CART charity.

The three of us were literally obsessed with finding him. It was time to do it, we were in charge & officially the new team in town.

On the 3rd day of our man hunt, Cece called me around 7:30AM to let me know he was arrested. I can't say much about how, but a resident recognized him, & he was caught on the way back into town on his way to work at a house as cops followed him down PCH.

He needs to go back to wherever he is from. From West Hollywood, Malibu, to Santa Barbara, all of the areas he's been caught in are very nice. And he is not nice. These people are not fixable despite what Gascon thinks. They cannot deal with today's world, and they do not want to.

We're supposed to call these sick human beings the "The Unhoused." What they like to do is go into nice areas, gawk for a few days about how people live [WHO HAVE JOBS]. They get high & then they go completely out of control. There are mugshots available of this man online, but I do not think at this point in society even know if someone's identity is real. The criminals have more IDs than the DMV!

After all our hard work, The City of Malibu sat back, let the encampments grow, & then of course Gascon let him OUT! Inmates are running this insane asylum they call Los Angeles.

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