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A Civil Rights Scam

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Now NOBODY is going to want to sign up to become police officers after Derek Chauvin's sentencing today. He did not have to kill the guy, but George Floyd was an abusive drug addict who literally beat women. He even threatened a pregnant woman with a knife to her stomach demanding money & drugs! AWFUL.

This should have been a max of a year. It was an honest mistake & Floyd was high on fentanyl which is severely fatal, running around with his head cut off like a chicken, stealing from a small store owner. How terrible for that store owner to go through this.

He had only laid down to find a place to die. He would have resisted arrest like he had before.

& then his family runs off with a $27M settlement - I am sure family he never even cared about came out of the woodwork for a land grab on this one. How many children did he have that he never paid a dime in child support to that showed up?

IF this was truly a racial issue that they were rushing to defend, they would have bought Lincolns instead of Cadillacs...seriously not joking Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. That was a prestigious thing that they named the vehicle line after him!!!

Dying to know how many lottery tickets they will all run out to buy when the money runs out.

Here is where your idiotic city council in Minneapolis spent your tax money:

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