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They Don’t Care

You were stopped from attending work, church, & now nobody can go to school or a store without a mask. But walk into any retailer & steal - nobody will stop you.

Your children are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning all day everyday. If you try to fight this, these idiots spend taxpayer dollars stalking people, adding you to lists.

Nothing about this makes any sense.

This is what they have done to people.

LA County just hosted the largest sports event of the year, in our entire country. We hosted 80k people, including many celebrities, who did not wear masks. That’s because they absolutely know that none of this works. Students go back to school with masks on.

They want you on one pill by the time you’re 20, and at least 3 by the time you are 40.

And guess where the masks & drugs are fabricated?


How many drugs have been approved & then later taken off the market?

& where were they made? Not here.

YOU are an enemy of the state for speaking out against mandates, yet we have a public health director in LA County who has black teeth and no experience practicing medicine. Go ahead Barbara, you ALL should wear masks & suffocate since you & your cronies are ALL in on this together.

Our Southern border is literally rolling out the red carpet for millions of people trafficked through a drug cartel. Do you think we will force-vaccinate them?

Are you sick of this Nonsense yet?

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Jason Powers
Jason Powers

Damn right. I want this shit to stop.

And 2022 is going to be the turning, a 4th one, if Bannon is right. He almost always calls it. Repost to come.

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