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Sunshine State? Try Garbage State

It doesn't take a Harvard diploma to figure out that Chesa Boudin's & George Gascon policies are ruining what was once a beautiful cities.

I'd love to tell these people in San Francisco who voted for him to wake up & smell the coffee. How about feces, urine & encampment fires.

When will all of the commercial landlords stand up & simply stop paying property taxes? Residents & business owners are not only being robbed blind in broad daylight, they are simply being robbed of the public safety they deserve. This is what we pay taxes for.

Walgreens can't hold down the fort. CVS is closed on both Market AND Sutter Streets - this is something one would never have imagined as a possibility.

How much longer can this be tolerated by the public leaders, city council & officials?

Where will their tax base come from with everyone leaving?

These people like Boudin & Gascon are weak & should NOT be holding ANY official capacity of leadership or decision making. They are both not qualified to be District Attorneys. California is no long

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