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Save Women's Sports

A Trans “Woman” who went through Puberty as a Male with Testosterone building the body and who still has an actual penis and balls is NOT a woman and should not be competing against women.

I am open minded and liberal as hell but I don’t get how this is leveling the playing field in Women’s sports. It seems that we are promoting the idea that the Best Woman is a Former Man who still has mens parts.

I think that I am fully informed. I do not require any further elucidation of the existing reality here. I am not saying that men cannot choose to live an alternate reality that they identify as a woman. Live and let live.

But Womens Sports Authorities also have the right to set criteria for qualification to compete. Hormonal supplementation by men in mens events is a basis for disqualification from competing. Likewise having male like bone density, male testosterone production and male genitalia ought to be basis for disqualification from competing in Womens sports.

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