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Rick Caruso - Can't Happen Soon Enough

I was happy to read Caruso's plans to shut down LA City Council's oversight on homeless. They've done nothing but cause this situation to become worse & intentionally spread sick people into high tax areas. IF there never was a more perfect time to PROVE to everyone in the world, they truly want to fix this - it was Covid. Taxpayer money continues to funnel into charities who pad their time with administrative "outreach" - very little housing came out of Project Roomkey.

This is nothing short of human trafficking. My concerns about Southern California remain most in Malibu - my neighbors all thought I was crazy when I told them that LA City-funded shelters were bussing homeless out - & nobody gets back on the bus. Just recently during the 2021 holiday season, I saw a woman driving an SUV drop a homeless person off near Webb Way & PCH with a backpack/tent. It's still going on...

For some odd reason our city & county leaders want LA County filled with criminals in masks, running around stealing, knowing that Gascon will not even look at a misdemeanor. From city councils, all the way to the Governor, this entire state lacks a strategy or structure to take care of this situation. Under every highway exit you see garbage encampments - people literally are DROWNING IN FILTH IN CALIFORNIA.

We need a Mayor in LA who understands the cost of development. No one in their right mind would purposely ruin beach front property, high-traffic retail areas - of any area they are responsible for - by placing homeless there. Not only does this kill tourism, these homeless people are beyond drugs - they are not fixable & are literally killing people. People are DYING IN THE STREETS.

I never understood, sitting in the Malibu City Council homeless meetings, how realtors could get behind the idea of a shelter for strange people in their own town. Obviously they do not understand how things work. Can you imagine looking at a house & the agent saying "come to think of it, you wouldn't mind if we just park like 30 felons here permanently, near the library where your children play, down the street from your wife's favorite stores...occasionally you may have an issue with violence, & people die." Deep down they know it's not right - look at how they respond when one suggests it goes on THEIR street.

CA.GOV, under the Governor's homeless plan dated 2/11/20, openly & pathetically admits:

Governor’s Proposal Raises Key Questions and Falls Short of Articulating a Clear Strategy. The scale of the homelessness crisis in California is significant and even substantial investments in resources could quickly dissipate without demonstrating much progress if investments are made without a clear plan. We recognize that there is no obvious right answer as to how the state should address the homelessness crisis. That said, we find the Governor’s budget proposal falls short of articulating a clear strategy for curbing homelessness in California. In the absence of a clear strategy, state resources could be allocated in a less targeted/coordinated way. As a consequence, we believe the Governor’s proposed approach is less likely to make a meaningful ongoing impact on the state’s homelessness crisis. Additionally, we find that the details provided as part of the Governor’s 2020‑21 homelessness proposal raise many important questions for the Legislature to consider.

THIS is what they want to do to your library, community centers & public parks...all without voting on it.

I don't say this with a light heart...THIS is not "housing."

This is institutionalized insanity - nothing else.

Bringing control of the homeless situation back under LA County is the only way out of this mess. Those cots for people the City-funded homeless shelters bussed out to the beach towns throughout LA County are what is behind the lure of library homeless lunches & passing out tents. This is a plan to place homeless in your area & make them STAY...all increasing crime, fires & insurance rates to skyrocket nonetheless.

Absolutely the dumbest thing ever.

Why would one do that?

They don't want this bullshit in their neighborhood, but suddenly it's a need in yours?

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