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"Nobby The Donkey Speaks"

The enemy press suppressed the truth from the first USURPER in the Whitehouse...straight from Obama's own mouth! What the phuck?

This country has been invaded long ago by an Africanised, foreign born, homosexual with a tranny 'wife'...all firsts...and with a second in command from the most corrupt family of scheisters and grubbers in politics, Joe Biden. And now the presidency has been 'engineered'/ STOLEN by this degenerate crook, and the demonic democrat operation now driving the U S down into the sewer..Good job Joe!

No wonder the illegals from commy failed nations are being invited and allowed in with a financial bonus and presidential asperations to steal more of 'the piece of action' put in place by evil intent of those with stolen power.

And here we sit watching the sham parade of questioners in congress, (or should I say PONTIFICATERS), of people of deciders of fact, law fakers, judgement stakers, word breakers, and vote takers...all on the left to 'choose' the seat filler on the far left of the court.

They are shoe-horning the nominee to the Supreme Court who cannot even give judgement of what is defined as 'a woman'.

Maybe she needs to circle back like all other dems after they need to consult with the person holding all of the purse strings.

Far be it from someone who has given a 3 month sentence of a recommended 10 year sentence for receiving and distributing sexually explicit child porn by the thousands...and a tap on the wrist and an APOLOGY to this 18 yr old pervert, to make a controvercial judgement of 'woman v man'.

But a man who could vote and fight in a war, but equated as only having a technical interest to look at disturbingly sordid videos of undeveloped children 8yrs old up to 12 yrs old performing sex acts, is in Miss Katanji's judicial opinion...a defined by her. His peer group.

Will we discover that he might have comitted BIGGER acts of crime that her own elevated family members in the police force let through the gaping holes of justice when he was a mere 'child'? Unpunished? No scrutiny?

Miss Katanji...let me advise you that one does not confuse an 8 yr old child with an 18yr old MAN....let alone APOLOGISE to him and his family for having been inconvenienced by the situation of his 3 month sentence.

Will this scumbag have a cell phone or smartphone when his laptop or computer is disabled? This is not going to curtail his activities. They will become sweeter as stolen fruits.

Sadly, criminals win yet again.

When this shitty voyeur of child porn takes filthy rape pictures of your child/children or worse still, actually SODOMIZES/RAPES then sends those pictures around the world in nano seconds...would you think it was for technical interest to experience it all, now that he has progressed to the next level?

Do give me your judicially experienced viewpoint when it comes to your own child that will be scarred for eternity. 3months??

No real judgement of consequence encourages this vomitous crime. Can we now say you have created 'a precedence'?

Maybe when the lure of letchery reaches over your gated home into your child's bedroom onto their laptop or smartphone, you will judge differently.

Yes, you have seen, heard and watched much as a judge with preferences, and I see how you revel in the 'muchness' of it all as you sit in your ebony tower to mete out your defiant lesser sentences.

Who are you to decide a lower sentence than the people making laws? Do you want to be the new type of judge who MAKES LAWS?

Did we know if the culprits / criminals were from racial MINORITY ethnicity, or are the lucky bastards from starch stiff whiter than white priveleged uppercrust families. I very much doubt the latter.

What do you think?

And so you might be wondering how all of this ties together with Obama declaring/boasting that he was NOT born in America, NOT born in Hawaii BUT BORN IN KENYA. (Watch the video)

This was the first illegal shoe-horned into high office.

Donald J Trump knew it and voiced it loudly.

Obama's poverty stricken family in Kenya stated it.

The chosen one laughed in our faces and denied it as lies.

Now we hear HIS TRUTH from this video from the early days when he was building his african delegates. It worked.

Oh, the impudence!

Oh, the crime!

Oh, the TREASON!

Will Missy Katanji say he was 'exercising his individual power of definition of truth as decreed by his cultural upbringing and democratic opportunity'?

In other words he will have only done it for the technical merit that he was seeking in history...

Along with being...

The first gay in the Bath house/Whitehouse

The first male prostitute in the Bath house/ Whitehouse

The first transexual wife in the Bath house/ Whitehouse

The first illegal/fake presider in the Bath house/Whitehouse

Get the picture?

Now we should understand why they need to corrupt the courts with corrupt judges...and get one in the Supreme Courthouse too.

War is raging, fires are burning, distractions are all around...but we need to be praying really hard right now that REAL JUSTICE will be Supreme.

This nominee should be kicked off the rickety and broken pedestal...

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