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New Year, Old Year…

"What difference does it make?"

"Those 365 days are dead!

Deceased, defunct, a more!

Nothing will bring them back."

The voice from hell rings out...

"If all of 'the stupids' had voted for me Hillary, we would not have used the 'covid card'

Our 'race card' had been working SO WELL for years...We Dems were 'laughing-in-your-face'... "WINNING"

"This country could have been Full Blown Commy by now if so many people had not 'gone MAGA'

All of you Trumpy tighty-righties forced us to steal your votes and voices in 2020...

And you are still defying us!"

But remember...


We are now enforcing you to be tagged

We now 'control by mandate'

We have many ways of making you comply

The prisons have been emptied in readiness.

The 'bread lines' are growing

Biden is our 'decoy duck' to break the country down and to destroy...the first wave of destruction.

Biden is an old impotent...but he follows orders like a 'good comrade'

Very soon he will 'get sick'...and retreat into the basement again...his coffin awaits!

The big BBB hats are all made with slogans...

Our agenda is "WORKING"

Our movement is "GROWING"

Our voters are "FOLLOWING"

Our leaders are "LYING"

Our modus is "DEFYING"

Our system is "KILLING"

Our plan is "W-I-N-N-I-N-G"

The Trumpers cry...

What are we going to do to stop the corpse from rising from her coffin?

Granny pants cannot get out of her fireside chair at story time, let alone run for office again!

But wait...💡bing, bing, bing

Her plan is not to run...her plan is to 'sidle in'.

The dems' plan is to be NO 'presidential election' in 2024...BUT maybe there will be a fake 'Declaration of War' to extend Democrat control for another 8 years...remember Rooseveldt in WW2?

The world will agree in their dim ignorance...or a worse scenario...compliant complicity.

The brainwashed masses of the world will huddle like sewer rats awaiting The Final Solution.

The Clinton's never took their snouts out of the pig swill in the trough.

The 'Billy-Club Boy' had his time coshing the people getting in his way on his way up the U.S government front. He sucked under the belly of the banks to fill up his own account(s) and those of fictional charities in his name.

He screwed ya'all

Boo-hoo-Hilllllary...victim number one with too many 'L's is now awakening from the dead as she rises from her own ashes...hovering like the bat to re-insert herself into the White House.

"Once upon a time stories about childhood"?...we really don't give a J.Crapper any more.

We all watched how your diabolical reign as secretary of state caused U.S ambassadors and dignitaries to be raped by broom handles before being burned alive, all happening in real time whilst YOU twiddled your thumbs and fiddled more funds as the Benghazi Embassy burned.

The daylight dawned on 'the intelligents' back then...and now WE SHALL KEEP ON SHOUTING OUT LOUD ABOUT THIS slither back into your are well done...the stake is ready to be rammed up your rear end...because we know you never had a heart to stick it in.

So H.C you think we forgot how many deaths are knotched on your door.

The blood on your hands is still 'dripping' and the stench of death pervades the air wherever you go.

Watch out dear voters.

Watch out for the familiars

Watch your wallets

Watch your backs

The BIG FIX never went away...SHE is just laying in wait for us to take our eyes off the ball.

The BIG CRYSTAL BALL is about to drop once more this December 31st as we count down to the world ticks over to 2022.

Keep your eyes on the ball as it slowly descends...let us all pray the ball does not free-fall and shatter into smithereens like so many of our lives have since November 3rd 2020 making 2021 the worst year in the history of this once great nation.

We can make history once again with the RIGHT man and his men back in the White House...

And may we be astute enough to help make the New Year provide...?

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