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Los Angeles Decay Has Spread Like Wildfire

There is no doubt that LA County's corruption, crime, & chaos is getting worse. Talk about disgusting.

After ruining San Francisco with relaxed crime laws, George Gascon went along his merry way & came down to completely destroy one of the country's largest counties. Insurance is skyrocketing alongside the growing crime. Even Malibu is now rated a D on crime. It's unsafe in what was once a rural beach town. It is now a misdemeanor, according to George Gascon, to cut someone's eye out with a machete.

A day late, but not a dollar short: left-leaning Hollywood steps in after seeing the results of these disastrous policies leading to in-home invasions in areas that were once safe. Just wait until they have a MetroLine dumping people from East LA off at the corner of Wilshire & Canon...Spago needs to move IMMEDIATELY. WILL Hollywood's involvement be enough to remove Gascon with permanent mail-in balloting increasing our risk of postal fraud? Will we EVER know the difference between votes & voters in California?

What really happened to our political landscape in California over the last 20 years?

Somewhere, Republicans became weak. They are afraid to speak out & stand behind recalls of illegitimate DAs, Mayors, & even our Governor, who wants your children indefinitely masked in schools. We also have more exposure in today's world to repeated misinformation about our elections, and what platform people are truly for.

We've let Democrats twist our messaging...wait for it...come the Midterm elections they will be saying that THEY are the party of public safety. They've already fully planted this idea everywhere with the "violent J6 insurrection" story...ignoring the bullshit they pulled all summer with their BLM thugs.

Why does Barbara Ferrer & the LA County Board of Supervisors want to pretend there is no public interest in getting back to normal? What is the purpose of continual masking? Do they want criminals to break into your houses, cars, stores, businesses, and with the masks they can say "oh we can't go after anyone because we can't see who that is." And, they are getting completely bought off - "Dr." Barbara Ferrer now makes over $465K a year...not including all the lunches they buy themselves. THIS? is their idea of social Justice & a relief of economic disparity? Combine her behavior with Gascon's refusal to file misdemeanors for disorderly behavior.

We should almost thank God that Trump let the DemonCraps steal the election. For years, it's been suspected that D's run as R. What else explains Middle-America turning into such a mess? Years ago, a D operative wrote that all of their voters are so lazy, home on food stamps, that they literally decided in rural states to run as R...this is literally what is happening to our country.

Boil down the language by the Thom Hartman Program, whoever that is...they didn't have the balls to put their first & last name on the article as a person, but here is what they said about elections in Kentucky. "If all of Pike County’s 17,000 food stamp recipients had come out to vote, we could be talking about how that county was a Democratic stronghold in a sea of red. So what you are saying is, approaching poor people & convincing them to vote for you based on whether they get food stamps isn't convincing you just put your name under a competitor's party?

THIS is exactly why our side relys on conservo-media-beasts like Steve Bannon to invite candidates onto the War Room to snuff out the truth about their intentions. We can't even count on Trump's "kiss the ring" game at Mar-A-Lago to bring in the right crowd. Count on Steve...the DemonCraps have gone up against him so hard that they blew up charges against him for the J6 "insurrection" when he literally hasn't left the house. How does one get called an insurrectionist when they aren't sitting in the White House? Wouldn't that be the proof that you took over the government?

Back to LA...stick with me on see how our country's been taken from us nationwide. They've blown-out small city councils, destabilizing rural areas by changing zoning, all stuffing their pockets with money they would have NEVER seen before in their lives. The fact that we have a City Council in Malibu who won't let the man who won the most votes sit as Mayor EVER....shows you how useless all of these people are.

Hopefully this corruption within LA County's cities will end when Rick Caruso becomes Mayor.

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