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Down the Rabbit Hole

The metaphor for the entry into the unknown...

The rabbit hole is the place where everything begins in confusion. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Alice in a famous story book "Alice in Wonderland" by P.E.D.O. Dodg(y)son (aka Lewis Carroll) It was a drowsy day as the dappled sunshine warmed the meadow filled with wild flowers that perfumed the air, and the shade of a large and friendly tree was welcomed. The perfect day, the perfect time, the perfect place for the letcherous and pedophyllic 'friendly uncle' took his friend's daughter little Alice to picnic and to frolic in the fields. He was known to have a penchant for mind-altering substances of the time, such as opium and laudenum, and quite possibly had partaken as he began to fantasize whilst he watched a little rabbit hop around, then suddenly disappear down a rabbit hole. His lure was set...and Alice was hooked. His drug induced state of disorientation had prevented him from returning the girl at the appointed time to her home. His 'unconcious mind' prompted his need to check the time on his pocket watch over and over, and repeatedly say, "I'm late, I'm late" as he mentally scurried down his mental rabbit hole. Is he the subversive and evil 'rabbit'? Dodgson was intentionally dragging the little girl down into his filthy underground world. She was now seduced by his fanciful stories in his effort 'to groom' her, and to satisfy his need for perverted relations with children. Little Alice had fallen under his spell. Under his persuasion, Alice followed the rabbit as he scurried ahead...he was leading her further and further into the unknown of his bleak, dark and sordid mind. Her curiocity and thoughts of catching up with the rabbit took her further away from reality...she could not look back. Trapped. It was not long before 'the rabbit' led her to where the Mad Hatter's 'tea party' was taking place. A long table was set for tea and lay before her. Noise and confusion seemed to be the chaotic state of being. "Take a seat, take a seat" she was commanded by the Mad Hatter, but no sooner than she had found a seat, both she and all of the others at the table were ordered to change seats. This crazy order continued throughout the 'tea party'. What is really going on? The Mad Hatter screeched and barked out orders of senseless commands on and on. The doped-up dormouse could hardly keep awake as he was being taken him into the arms of morpheus... The promised tea never was, and was never meant to arrive. Alice could not understand this crazy event and became quite frustrated to the point of becoming foot-stomping angry. Was this the deformed, mental deviations of Dodgson being purpetrated upon his little charge? Poor little Alice, who was entrusted to this fanciful writer, was now trapped inside his warped mind and perverted propensities. Alice could not have known what was really happening, and maybe she was very afraid. Bunnies, mushrooms, caterpillars, angry queens, speaking chess pieces, pink flamingos, crocquet, a sleepy dormouse, crocquet, secret tunnels...fearful chases, eat me, drink me?? Metaphors? Indeed, we are like Alice being led down the 'proverbial hole' of deceit by squatter Biden, his sordid administration, threats of death , societal destruction, illegal border invasion, child trafficking...and much more. All promises made but never kept. The reference of bunny rabbits and rabbit holes and this political insane asylum we have been hijacked probably more of a reality considering all that we have discovered, have witnessed, have endured this past few years. The sick part of it is that we are all dragged down that rabbit hole into the darkness of the tunnel...many without any individual vision. Myopia! We were given the bottles of potion 'to drink'...bigger or smaller?? Illusion? Or is it all... An illustration of what we choose. An illustration of what we believe. An illustration of fantasy An illustration of all... And so here we are at Easter with the promise of resurrection and all things re-newed. Originally a pagan celebration where rabbits once flew like birds, but were relegated by spells, to spend their lives imprisoned in leg-locked hopping and hiding in dark burrows. We are not bewitched We are not rabbits We are not hiding in burrows We are not living down holes May Easter Blessings allow you to run free in the fresh spring air for you to inhale life, all scented with meadow sweet wild flowers. Behold life anew in freedom.

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