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Depp v. Heard PHONY Defamation Trial

How does Hollywood put two people back to work who are not hirable?

Two celebrity managers sat down & thought this one out. Look at what it costs today to live like a normal person in LA County. Do you really think these two can afford to retire? Neither of them have worked in the last two years.

This defamation trial was the only sure-fire way to put both of them back on TV.

BOTH of them are at train wrecks & at fault. BOTH of them are violent, & BOTH are liars.

THIS is who you are watching in court Boo-Hoo about his parents being abusive...get over it. Bad things happen to good people. & good things happen to bad people.

I don't care about your "traumatic childhood." NOBODY has a perfect upbringing. There is always going to be something that happens to us in life that is unexpected. By the time you are 50 if you're not over it then you need serious help. The way Depp behaves is simply not acceptable - he sent texts claiming he wanted to "burn Amber Heard" & publicly threatened to assassinate a President. Not OK.

Depp is not baring his soul. He is acting. This is all about publicity for him. He needs money & he needs it NOW.

We also know that Amber Heard lied about making a charitable donation in their joint statement after they agreed to divorce. Heard claims that she held onto the money because she need it for the legal fees after Depp sued her...TWO YEARS LATER.

Their own therapist said they engaged in mutual abuse.

& good luck getting anyone to sign a post nuptial agreement.

He really is that stupid. He should have given her $50M & the house she lived in...& called it a day. It cost him $10M to give her $7M in taxes alone. Plus all the attorney fees...

Nothing is going to bring either of them back from this point. She would have been better off leaving him to his own devices. Depp owns several properties...why would you want to be at the same property 24/7 when you don't need to be?

When you are with an older man, it can go in two become his age, or he becomes younger. Most of the time it is hard for a woman to stand on her own against a man who has greater wealth. The problems between the two of them are simply a function of their narcissism fueled by control issues.

What a piece of work this nasty bitch is!

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