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Within mere hours, protesters came to the Supreme Court. Such groups are not grassroots. Rather, they are funded and organized and they were tipped off about all of this. It is an operation; not a spontaneous outcry coming to life. And so, there is zero doubt this was done to intimidate and chill THE COURT to reverse this yet-to-be-release decision on Roe.

The Court - if it has any moral or ethical bindings left - should unanimously release this ruling at 9-0. Those, who initially dissented, should have the MORAL INTEGRITY to make it clear that such intimidation because of a yet-to-be-release decision WILL NOT be tolerated. And, STATE OPENLY that their PREVIOUS dissent wa

s made for their own reasons, BUT, their DECISION, NOW, is to show THEIR AUTHORITY to decide WITH THOSE who they disagreed with vigorously ON MATTERS of vital public interest should be supported now to reflect the UNIMPEACHABILITY of ALL of their characters.

IF the DISSENT decide against this (or even the MAJORITY!), they are allowing themselves to be merely the whims of whatever POLITICAL BLACKMAIL ARISES. This, they should know, MUST BE STOPPED.

As NINE JUDGES, they tell people many things - about cases and the law - but NOW, they would be telling us clearly about THEMSELVES. What they do next will FOREVER be a MARK on their characters.

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