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Black on Black Violence is Fine...& I'm Over it.

This was supposed to be a night to shine for all the movie stars who worked so hard all year. People spend months getting ready for what is supposed to be an elegant event. They walk down the red carpet & enter on THEIR BEST BEHAVIOR.

You're not at a bar.

For years, I thought Will Smith must be just so chill...since he lets his wife publicly run around on him with young men in Hollywood. Then, I began to wonder what dirt does Jada have on the "Fresh Prince?" I have never seen so much disrespect for so many people - how many guests attend this event + the people watching at home?

He is obviously NOT chill. & we are now in a real serious predicament in our culture where black on black violence is allowed.

From what I heard through the grapevine, the Academy gave him a chance to look good by stepping down after they sent him the Bylaws. Why? Why didn't he give up his Oscar? Hypocrisy at its highest. The fact that he sat back down & cussed Chris Rock out, then pranced into the after party DANCING shows you that deep down he gives zero fucks about what happened.

& then we had to hear Whoppi sound off on it. Give me a break. She's already backstroked & walked back everything she said the week before where she held him to the fire on The View. She's another one we can't get rid of fast enough...why can't the producers send her to Fat Camp & get a substitute host in to replace her? Does her head hurt from all this stupidity that runs through it?

WHY didn't they cancel her when her fake Jew story resurfaced? There aren't enough Jews in the industry to shut this bitch down? When did they all become weak sisters?

Where is the demand for mutual respect for all these minority groups they wave instagram flags for during the constant riots & about respect for everyone?

I wouldn't mop my floors with that awful wig.

She doesn't have the balls to touch on the real issue here...what my black friends all immediately mentioned is that when this happened it took away years of forward movement & what could have been a celebration of the culture, the movie, all of it.

Both of them are two peas in a pod. They don't support other people, men or women. They don't respect other people either. Beyond unprofessional...

Enough already. Go get assaulted in Compton, & then go look in the mirror & tell me why ANY of this bullshit is allowed to happen.

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