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Beware "The Ides of March"

And beware all the political practitioners in the act of:-


1. deception, invention, sham, fabrication, acting, simulation, deceit, feigning, charade, make-believe, trickery, falsehood, subterfuge, fakery, dishonesty, ingenuousness 2. show, posturing, artifice, affectation, display, false appearance, posing, façade, veneer, pretentiousness 3. pretext, claim, excuse, show, cover, mask, veil, cloak, guise, masquerade, semblance, ruse, garb, wile, profess, aspiration All of these allude to the Thieves of Tides ensconced within the walls of The Whitehouse and the Halls of Corruption of:- The congress. The senate, The department of (in)justice, The federal bureau of investigation, The central intelligence agency, The dirty facebook /twitter /amazon dollar democrat donors, The suPRESSers of truth and real facts AND THE GULLIBLES who fall for it all and follow like cows going to the milk shed. Courtecy quote: Stephen K. Bannon..."Suck on this!" And here we stand or fall as a nation...a shadow of a former power. We stand fully unclothed, naked in the light of unravelling truth born from deep delving of protests and mass freedom demonstrations. On the other hand, we have cameras on our cell phones, we are recorders of events, we are celebrity reporters on the streets, we are contorters of all. All weapons to be used and abused...Can we say BLaMe? There is a rumbling throughout the world...a gathering storm...a volcano ready to erupt...a shift in bedrock unearthing. What will be revealed to all those who have been blinded by bright lights, baubles and selfish gain? There will be a great levelling. Much will be lost, stolen, aquisitioned, claimed or dissolved by banks. Money will become 'use-less'. Properties will be 'use-less'. Businesses will be 'use-less'. Schools will be 'use-less'. People will be deemed 'use-less'. Life will be 'use-less'. What then? The Ides Of March are upon us The blade of Damaclese is above our heads...knives have been sharpened...daggers are at the ready...we are Caesar. History repeats itself if lessons are ignored. As we sit in our smugness and relative comforts of excess, it is difficult to recognize that the shroud of death is around imprisons the body, mind and soul of each of us. We were enticed within the gates that closed and locked behind us...for our collective good, or so 'they' say. Someone somewhere determined what was for 'our own good' and we willingly obeyed. It was only when the word 'woke' was universally used in the incorrect tense that 'we the dopey' AWAKENED, and could see the trance we were under for far too long. Now we are AWAKE, we see, we hear, we know...and now "We defy!" 'Foke' the is so broke Now is the time to look over our shoulders, to watch our backs and to see what is really round about us. It is our own senate /congress that is host to many a Brutus and Cassius with 60 idiotic complicits all bribed and coerced in the act of the Murder of America. We THE FULLY AWAKE cannot allow the criminal 'murderers' to go unpunished. Across the oceans we watch as the proverbial 'Rome' is burning. We should look to our own fragile shores because 'Rome' is here too.

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