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As the World Turns

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

It is indeed New Year 2022, and the appropriate time to wish you and all of your family continued good health and safety as we plunge into another 12 months of uncertainty.

It is always so special to hear from you at this time, and also to know that for the most part, all of you are remaining free from the invasion of the corona viruses within the family, even though many people who have been 'multi-vaxxxed' have contracted one or all variants of the dreaded lurgy...the covid virus, despite the outlandish peripheral restrictions being excessively imposed throughout the world.

We all held high hopes that 2020 would bring clearer vision to the world, but alas, it only made us see how corrupt everything had been for far too long...a veritable magnifying glass over every 'crack' in the voting system and magnified political theatrics.

However, today we are a much 'angered' world and moreso in this country since the Nov 3rd 2020 sham of a 'crooked fake win' by the outrageous corruption that is and always has been the democrat party way to 'win'! Many illustrations of this tactic in history are not that far past.

Unreported Facts for England:

The big difference this last time of the 'hijacking of the presidency' was the blatent way voting procedures were manipulated in a far greater way by the illegal dumping of fake ballots/dead voter ballots/manipulated computers numbers...AND flooding of multi millions of dollars by the likes of Zuckerberg, Zucker, Bezos and Gates all under the big communist takeover and under the thumb of George Soros and his money-grubbing minions in high political places. All to 'fix a win' here AND around the world!

Herr 'Adnausium' Fauci:

Also, let us not forget and remind you that the little Hitlarian Fauci has pulled off the biggest hit on humanity in the world with his partnership with the CCP...and his criminal financial gain from engineering a 'Gain of Function' virus to be used to harm and kill humanity...

All of this for his monetary gain from deep investments in the 'chemical companies' who now are creating the venomous solutions that are being masqueraded as 'vaccines', and all under the cover and protection of the CDC and the medical shadows.

This was all in concert with the Big Rigged Election organized to take out a leading president who was against Communist China screwing us to the tune of billions to trillions each year. His remedy was to impose big tarriffs! The communist party recruits were literally in bed with little Chinese girls and the operatives made it clear...President Trump had to go!

Follow the money:

You must know, as a now retired police detective, having most probably been involved in the investigations of everything from street crimes all the way up to drug cartels...the first rule to be adopted in investigations is to..."Follow the money!"

This crime is worse than illicit drug running...this is drug pushing, drug running, and drug profiteering at HIGH government levels. We can smell the dirty dollars and the 'WHO' reaping the harvest too.

New Addiction:

The SS system is working around the world...and we are becoming hooked on fear, testing, boosters, shuts down and MASKS.

'En masse' we shall suffer from acute withdrawel syndrome when needing to resume our normal lifestyles, which will cause many to rush toward another drug of choice with outstretched arms...ta-da...the cushy government hand-outs! Dollars for doing nothing...the panacea for all peasants' woes!

Parents...The New Terrorists?:

In addition, now we see parents being arrested at achool board meetings for trying to bring to light the infiltration of sick, perverted literature and CRT doctrine directed mainly at very young kindergarten age children, and also the saturation of communist rhetoric by the leftist school teachers, all under the curriculae dictates from self appointed school board members of the same perversions and political ilk.

Degeneration of a Nation:

In 2021 under the tyrrannical mandates and 'rules' imposed by the Biden houseboys in the U.S, many parents are becoming far more irrate since uncovering the enforced lessons of heavy doses of dogma of genetic identity confusion as part of a child's carriculum and, thankfully, much of this tripe has been uncovered by listening to and watching all of it over 'zoom' classes held during covid school shuts down.

"Broke Back Mountain" in Schools:

5 yr olds do not need to be forced to look at books of homosexual acts in much so that recently when a furious mother opened one such book to show the panel of school board members, the t.v cameras blurred the pornographic pictures, and the panel looking at them told her to shut the book... and then in gestapo mode had the mother 'frog marched'/escorted out by 'quasi police' security.

We need to find out who condones this degenerate material and who gives the 'order to purchase' the same...all with OUR money but not our permission!

We do not want it near our children...

But this type of pictoral garbage is within reach of tiny hands, eyes and little minds of the children. All of this enforced conditioning would be cause for arrest of any parents, and the children would be taken away by social services if done by a parent or any adult within a home.

THIS IS GOVERNMENT CONDONED CHILD ABUSE and nothing is done to put a stop to it.

This is just one story that 'the press' suppresses here in the U.S...but other countries are told it is all conservative right wing 'conspiracy' and LGBTQ...RSTUVWXYZ hatred! Hmm?

Broke Back Better Bigger:

Sadly, there is much deviance within the school system, political system, tech world system, and big commercial business...and let us not forget that whilst we are consuming much, the children are being exploited into becoming the future little A I robots who are gender conflicted, identity confused, sex queried, and communist government controlled. Phuture phuck-ups!

I am not sure what the situation within the British School System is at this moment, because it is many years since I went through formal education in England. I am sure that much changed after socialist driven Comprehensive Schools became the norm?

Techy Dogma:

Sadly, so many people are unaware that this corruption can seep in under cover of all 'education'...but common information is that it is all intended to be adopted worldwide within the next half decade. Not a comfortable prospect.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S our rights and voices have been cut off under mental hob- nailed boot controls and full authoritarianism of all of the socialist/communist media, tech sites like FB, Twitter and Instagram, TikTok and all dim-shit sites (all of which I have instinctively avoided) the illicit operatives now running rampant through the halls of government in Washington DC

Knowing that the press here distorts conservative news, did you miss the real story about 1/6/2021?:


We can only hope that the world will soon WAKE UP and not become completely blind, deaf and dumb in their BWM...Bovine Woke Madness...(?mad cow disease!)

This is the new "MOO'VE"ment. Now open your eyes to see the gross collapse of many societies that once enjoyed FREEDOM and self-directed success....all of this breakdown is coming to a city or town near you.

"I Can Breathe!":

As you can see, I am very outspoken and shall continue to be so, as my freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of choice was given to me at birth...I am a true Brit and will never change!

I can affectionally thank my mother for having allowed me the privilege of enjoying my first breath taken at birth. My throat was not slit and my voice not cut under a 'mis-carriage of justice'...ABORTION is baby murder at the hands of a doctor and the blade of a scalpel, before or after delivery. Maybe all of the throw away lives started here with legalized abortion. So very disturbing and so very sad. Another reason for getting a pro life President Trump out of office.

Inconvenient clump of Cells:

Are we surprised that child abuse has been rising astronomically since the 60's and implementation of a cocked up Roe v Wade law?

Are we surprised to know that child sex trafficking is the 'new drug' to be bought and sold repeatedly throughout the western world? Children are relegated as worthless.

Are we surprised that we have a regime in power headed up by an incestuous pedophile and run by recipients of child slavery bringing in millions more across the border, and all the more for their profit and pleasures?

Are we really surprised that we should be surprised...?

Warriors no more?:

It is true that we have many legitimate battles to win in this world at war... but not enough warriors...

Indeed, I shall in my usual way continue to inform all of the 'ill informed' who are living in passive ignorance, and are so very UNeducated. No diplomas are really needed...only awareness and knowledge. That is what begets education.

There are no school books in school libraries written where one can find common sense being taught, and there are no new words created to legitimize crimes against humanity to fill the narrative written in books of exploitation.

"There are none so blind as those who cannot see"... NOR, those who look away!

So cousin, as is my wont, my words flood your eyes and it is all for you to make an informed judgement of my narrative for yourself, and then infirm other Brits who are denied real truth

I cannot hold back as I see the possibilities of much greatness being snatched away from future generations, who, in their misguided eagerness to be bought and sold by convenience and excess, willingly sell themselves to the highest bidder with bonus points attached.

Is this the roulette wheel gamble of all of the future with a complimentary suite en suite with jacuzzi... all squishy and ripe for seduction in the Sodom and Gomorrah way?

"MOVE" over all Humanity:

Just in case you have not been made privy to the new Bio -Tech labs in England for DNA restructuring...I do hope we shall learn to end the theft of our humanity as the mind controlling and seductive profiteers of artificial intelligence and hybridization are being touted to one and all around the world. Do not be seduced into the belief of this improving life on earth.

Harvesting our DNA to transform us into 'transformers'...does this sound plausible today? It is here already my dear!

Shrinking Nation...or Sinking?:

So dear cousin, do stay safe within your good health, graces and British Isle protection, but remember the "MOVE" plan is for no more more more more of anythjng that ever was...

Rule Britannia will no longer be sung because she will no longer "rule the waves" and be able to protect those fragile shores. The British fleets are useless and are no match against all of the invading and wave bobbing rubber dingy carrying invaders!.

Just ask the author of 'projected lifeforms'...Mr Evil himself...Parag Khanna...His will is to be 'king of all'. Then the rest of 'trans-humanity' or 'the hybrids' will be made into the jesters and jokers to entertain him and his chosen ones who sit at his power table to enjoy the spoils.

He feels evolved.

He feels superior.

He feels mighty.

He brlieves he is 'The Almighty' of all that he creates...

"May God remove this biologic meglomaniac before this plan is fully enacted within this world."

Asked Question:

Q. Do I believe in abortion?

A. Yes...but only for those who practice baby killings and transforming human lifeform ...they themselves are A LIVING ABORTION...expiration date stamped...out of date!

Too bad their mothers did not choose to abort them too.

With loving thoughts to ponder and many blessings too ...

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